The Top 5 Best Browsers

Get ready for the new year browser switch. Now that 2020 is starting to kick onto high gear, it’s high time you switch browsers to get the maximum performance from your smartphone, laptop and even pc. Perhaps you know about a couple of these already but some of these are improved with lots of additions to them that will adapt your system for the upgrades needed for the future 5G network!

Express VPN

Are you secretive about your VPN? How about the need to be discrete or just want to cover your browser search tracks. Well, Express VPN is a service that offers the first three months for free! Well, that is a nice touch. While it gives users the ability to mask the user IP address and helps hide their web traffic searches. Perfect for smartphones and tablets.

Google Chrome

You probably know this one already but did you know what they’ve introduced this year? Hold onto your hats because now you can go Dark this year. They’ve added an optional Dark Mode function so you can now view your screen a bit safer and not burn out your eyes any more. There is also parallel downloading that splits up large files into several smaller ones to increase download time. A built in password manager, tab switcher and a built in website counter that determines which sites are user friendly and which will slow you down.

UC Browsers

If you happen to have friends in India or Indonesia or simply like to have super fast download power at home, UC browser is the best way to get your content delivered. It’s also the service porthole to WhatsApp and be able to share all those crazy memes that are even more popular this year. Best yet, it has a built in as-block function so you won’t be bombed with pop-ups while you are downloading all those free online movies!

Mozilla Firefox

One of my personal favorites is obviously Mozilla Firefox for sure. You may already know that Firefox blocks internet trackers (over 2000 or them) and also offers additional blocker add-ons to keep your internet search more safe. They offer more add-ons than any other browser, so when security is your personal preference, Firefox has you covered.


This browser never looses the appeal for those who want faster browsing power through a completely free download. It’s got all the bells and whistles such as dark mode, password manager and even an instant credit card info autofill for online sites. It also automatically converts any website to fit your touchscreen or mobile device.

If you haven’t used any of these android browsers, you really should. Especially if you’ve invested enough into a brand new smartphone or tablet, you’ll certainly need to keep up with the Joneses! At least the best part is that all of these browsers are 100% free (aside from Express VPN), but sadly, not all the things in life are for free!


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